Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blungers and Crocodiles

Now you may want to know what a Blunger is. It is whatever a plunger transforms into in the nightmare of a 3 year old. Owen has developed an intense phobia/fascination/infatuation with "blungers". We have no idea where this particular issue came from. That it coincides with an, as yet, unsuccessful attempt to get "poopy in the potty", could perhaps play a role. All we know is that we have now had to put the "blunger" in our bathroom out of sight of Owen. He asks to see it several times a day, but will only peer cautiously around the corner so as to catch a glimpse from perhaps 10 feet away.

Every night when we say our prayers, we ask Owen who he would like to pray for. The top three topics are always the same - Ryan, Michelle and "changing diapers". Ryan and Michelle our two good friends of ours. We aren't quite sure why they made the list...but our son must have a heart for them. "Changing Diapers" is what Owen calls the changing table that we use in his room. We are uncertain what particular issues that that poor table has had to go through to be the focal point of a years worth of prayer, but we expect that it will lead a blessed and fruitful life now that it has been the benefactor of such intense spiritual fervor.

The new addition to Owen's prayer life has been his prayer to conquer his fears. He now prays every night that he "won't be scared of the blunger, and crocodiles" That is where the crocodiles come in. We have two small geckos/lizards that live in our back yard. They are probably about 4 inches long and will scurry out of sight if you come within 5 feet of them. They love to bask in the sun on the wall during the day and often are in clear view of our back door. Owen is intensly afraid of these "crocodiles". So much so that he often refuses to go in the back yard. This is particularly unfortunate since we just paid a LOT of money to totally redo our backyard. So we REALLY hope that this particular prayer of Owen will be answered in short order.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello Friends and Family

If you are checking this out, you probably already know who we are. But maybe you have been out of touch and are afraid to ask "how many kids do you have now?" Well, here is the perfect place to figure out what is going on in our lives. We are hoping that it will also be a great place to journal (and keep for our future enjoyment) the events of our lives that make being parents of 2 young boys such an adventure.

Keri and I have been living in San Diego for almost 10 years now. It is pretty easy to start taking it for granted. It is SO beautiful here. We currently have two boys, Owen and Ian. Owen has an easy birthday to remember - 05/05/05. Ian now is almost 1 1/2 and was born April 30, 2007.

Keri is doing Family Practice part time, and I am working at Scripps Clinic as an Allergist. Life is full and busy. It is also amazingly joyful. We have been richly blessed.