Sunday, September 14, 2008

A typical Saturday at The White House

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Ian usually wakes up around 8 to 8:30. We have to wake Owen up at 9am. Our friend Paul say that this is "blasphemy".

8:03 - Ian awake eating breakfast

8:33 - Ian eats breakfast #2 after throwing most of breakfast #1 on the ground

9:02 - We ask Ian, "Do you want to get Owen up". His face lights up, he flaps his arms in excitement, and he high-tails it to Owen's room. Get Owen up, put him in underwear.

9:10 - Owen eats a breakfast of 5 different dry cereals, dried banana and dried strawberry.

9:11 - Ian eats breakfast #3.

9:34 - Both boys out of chairs and now roaming around the house. Owen is playing with the telephone. He likes to get it to say "You have reached a number that has been disconnected" and he knows how to put it on speaker phone.

9:35 - Ian has a blue flutaphone that he laughs into, making a sputtering flute sound that makes him laugh more.

9:36 - Ian is banging his flutaphone on Owen's head.

9:47 - Owen is playing with a large ride-on toy train.

9:47 - Ian is trying to play with a large ride-on toy train that Owen is sitting on.

9:47-10:03 - Owen stages a large protest regarding his inherent and inaliable "right" to play with the train whenever he wants (even though the toy really was given to Ian for his birthday). Keri says for the 1st of 52 times for the day -- "that toy isn't just yours, we share ALL of our toys."

10:05-10:28 - During this period of time Ian has climbed up on the sofa cushion, to the arm of the sofa and up on to the counter. He also has climbed up the chair and onto the table. He currently has climbed up his high chair and is trying to climb onto the island. There has been at least one "near miss"

10:32 - Ian into his "room" (which is our walk-in closet) for a nap. Owen is thrilled that Ian is asleep, because it means he can play with "marble run and car tracks" (toys with small parts). In fact Owen often asks if Ian can go to bed (even if he just woke up!).

12:17 - Owen is eating lunch of hummus sandwich (sammich), meatballs, grapes and half 2% milk/ half soy milk.

12:35 - Ian is awake again now eating lunch #1.

12:36 - 14% of lunch #1 is on Ian's face, 83% is on the floor, 3% went in his mouth.

12:52 - Owen has been carefully monitoring the backyard for any "crocodile" activity (see previous post). He would like to go out and play with the sprinkler. He checks to see if it's cloudy or sunny (latter = sprinkler possibility; pretty good odds in San Diego that it will be a sprinkler day).

12:59 - Ian and Owen are in the back yard playing with the sprinkler. Ian grabs one of the arms of the sprinkler and drinks continuously out of it.

1:13 - Ian tries to climb into the fountain.
1:14 - Ian tries to climb into the fountain.
1:15 - Ian tries to climb into the fountain.
1:16 - Ian is standing in the house, soaking wet, looking out the back door window, screaming.

1:18 - Owen has sighted a "crocodile" and is cowering in the corner of the backyard, unwilling to move.

1:40 - Ian has started on Lunch #2

1:53 - Owen sitting on the potty after carefully making sure that the "blunger" is not in sight (see previous post)

2pm - Owen goes down for a nap.
2:01 - Owen screams for water
2:02 - Owen wants a different book
2:03 - Owen has poopy (he wears diapers for sleeping -- he holds it until the diapers go on)(if he can hold it and release it at will, WHY can't he do it into the toilet?!)

2:35 - Ian down for a nap

2:45 - Keri and Drew in bed reading.

2:53 - Owen has poopy again

3:00 - Owen falls asleep after "reading" every book that is on his bookshelf, and foot-dancing to at least one CD.

4:15 - Ian wakes up.

5:00 - We wake Owen up.

5:25 - Both kids are eating dinner. Ian is quite unhappy with his food choice, and only wants "whatever someone else is having".

5:55 - Whole family at the pool. Ian repeatedly jumps into the water from the steps and happily looks up at me from underwater waiting for me to come get him.

6:05 - Owen, swimming happily, but a neighbor thinks that he is drowning and sends her son in after him. Owen is confused why he is dragged to the side of the pool

6:45 - back home and dried off. Kids are having a snack of dried peas and goldfish.

7:03 - Ian getting teeth brushed, and to bed.

7:35 - Owen watching the first of two videos with popcorn "cupcorn"

7:58 - Owen has peed in his pants and onto the couch

8:35 - second video is over, and it is time for a night hike.

8:45 - Owen and Drew, armed with flashlights go for a 15 minute hike on the path behind the houses

9:35 - Owen gets vitamins, teeth brushed, and teeth flossed, which is usually accompanied by a time-out.

9:41 - prayers and bed time.

11:03 - Owen still awake, reading his books in bed.

11:35 - we get Ian up for about 15 minutes to snuggle and play with him. Although he gets riled up playing "tunnel" (crawling under the covers to the foot of the bed with Drew), peek-a-boo, crawling all over us, and giving us many "love pats" (not so gentle hits in the face), he goes RIGHT back to sleep when we put him back in bed.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008