Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is it healthy? and the math of 14.

Owen's new infatuation is finding out whether something is "healthy" or not. He has gotten the concept that he can have certain foods as often or as much as he wants if it is "healthy". So we will be asked repeatedly during the day whether pizza, hot dogs, or various types of snacks are healthy....

Ian is now learning how to count. He has got 1-10 down and has now ventured into the teens. Unfortunately, he gets stuck on 14. "fohteen". He literally will count "twelve, thirteen, fohteen, fohteen, fohteen, fohteen......" until we make him stop. It is as if he thinks the rest of the numbers after 14 are all 14. Either that, or there is a screw loose inside somewhere that needs to get tightened. Keri feels like he is a record skipping and maybe if we just slap him gently on the back of the head he'll be able to keep on going.

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HappyIslandHopper said...

That skipping record reference made me laugh. Very funny.